Diamonds & Dreams - It's The Scotties!

POSTED: February 24, 2013

What a week it has been here in beautiful, quaint Kingston, Ontario!

My job is to monitor performance and prepare to accompany the eventual winner to the 2013 World Women's Curling Championship in Riga, Latvia.

While here, my colleagues and I are making plans for what the next year will look like in terms of training and preparation in the final lead up to the Sochi Olympics which are less than one year away.

It is a challenging, exciting and rewarding week. Emotionally, my heart is torn, as so many of my good friends are competing here at the Scottie and I feel every win and loss along with them. Even more importantly I recognize the privilege they have at realizing their dreams here at the Scottie, where dreams really do come true.

Every woman on the ice has earned the right to be here. For some it is everything they hoped it would be, and for some disappointment in not meeting their expectations, but every competitor leaves here vowing to do anything to get back to the absolute premiere women's sporting event.

The winners get diamonds and glory and right to wear the maple leaf in a few short weeks - and the opportunity to chase a world championship. It doesn't get any better than that!

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