Silver Lining

POSTED: February 28, 2010

Despite meticulous planning and preparation, not every situation turns out exactly as you imagine it might.... but in this case there is definitely a silver lining to a golden 17 days in Vancouver.

My time here has been far beyond my expectations! My home town, my family and some close friends at my side, and a wonderful, wonderful team to take care of have made this Olympics so special.

This morning we went down to the CTV studio where all the Canadian medalists appeared together live. It was so cool! From there we went to view the Olympic Flame cauldron from inside the fence! When the RCMP realized they had the Womens' silver medallists there, they let us go stand right underneath the flame!

There are so many moments I will remember, but I think the thing that has impacted me the most ,is the explosion of national pride which has been truly inspirational. It makes me shine with pride to be Canadian, and that we as Canadians seem to found a new voice and a new comfort in expressing our patriotism in a way that is just right for us.

Going into this Games I encouraged everyone I talked to to get involved in some way. My new message will be - be proud to live in the greatest country on earth, and lets tell the world in our own Canadian way. These Games have shown the world the personality of Canada and I have been priviledged to be on this journey.

Off for a final evening in this magical city during this magical 17 days - the Closing Ceremonies .... I know it will be an amazing finish to my amazing Olympics.....

Signing off from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics -- With Glowing Heart!!

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