Now That Was Fun!

POSTED: February 25, 2010

Yahoo!! Now that was fun! Another solid performance by the Canadian Women and it is on to the Gold Medal Game tomorrow!

Mirjam Ott, the Swiss miss ruined our fun in Torino, but the Canadians nabbed it this time!

Last night we went for a wonderful dinner at Chop in Richmond and had an early night to get ready for the game this morning.

Practice went well, and it was nice not to have to draw for the hammer which was already earned by winning the round robin.

A few opportunities slipped away in the first half of the game, but this team knows how to remain focussed and follow their game plan. It was a bit of a scary 10th end, but following a great pick by Cheryl on her last rock, Mirjam rolled out on her final rock and an extra end was avoided.

Kristie (super-alternate player) said she couldn't tell if I was more excited about Donald Sutherland in the building cheering for the girls, or the fact that they won! I must say I was mesmerized and have a huge crush on Donald!

So.... a quick celebration with family at the Vancouver Curling Club, lunch, an afternoon nap, and practice this evening.... then dreams of gold tomorrow!!

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