POSTED: February 19, 2010

I took my first trip to walk-about downtown last night -- now that was fun!

Son Cal, his girlfriend Steph and my pal Jock took the Canada Line down to the Bay where we picked up our Canada Olympic House accreditation. COH is a giant place on the top floor of The Bay which is the 'home away from home' for Canadians at the Olympics. It is georgeous! All Canadianna and upscale Bay stripes. Cal liked the antler chandeliers!

We watched the last few minutes of the Canada- Swiss Hockey game and it was pretty fun to be will all the crazy spectators celebrating when Sydney dropped that winning shot!

It was PEI night so we got to sample some amazing maritimes munchies that reminded us of our trip to the Canadian Juniors in Summerside a few years ago.

From there we took a walk around the block and never has a walk around the block been so much fun!

You know the thing about this Olympics in Vancouver is -- you don't need tickets to an event! You can simply walk across the street and have a panic! It is simply amazing to see the happy, shining, proud Canadians all over the city! Even waiting for the Canada Line is fun! You can't stand somewhere for 30 seconds without the person next to you striking up a conversation, and pretty soon you have a new best friend! Incredible!

OK.... yes.... we did curl as well.... seemingly controlled the game against Germany, but ended up playing and extra end when Cheryl's rock curled a bit too much... but a perfect draw in the 11th put the Canadian Women at 3 wins and we were all a very happy bunch! The hard fought wins are certainly rewarding.

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