Game On!

POSTED: February 18, 2010

Finally underway!! And with two wins!

We have had an absolutely amazing time soaking up the Olympic Spirit here in Vancouver, and after being here for eight days we finally got to play for real on Tuesday! The building is amazing! I think it is just the right size, filled to the rafters with screaming, happy Canadians. The athletes are just in heaven as the fans scream every time they put a rock in play! It is magical, fun and an absolute priviledge to be here...

Now we are sitting at 2 wins after 2 starts! Good! Germany this afternoon...

All sorts of other things going on .....

I had a great interview with my friend Mira from A Channel in Victoria. It was really special as it took place under the banner at the Vancouver Curling Club that commemorates my dad Lyall Dagg's World Championship win in 1964. The story will air tonite on A Channel....

We were invited to a wonderful party at Alberta House last night to celebrate Alberta's Curling Olympians.... small group, treated to a delicious Alberta beef dinner and white cowboy hats which we all got signed by all the athletes... a lot of charities will be benefiting from that one! Great way to relax and visit with close family.

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